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Expanded programming for Barionet I/O line from Barix

The Barionet 1000 is the latest member of Barix’s universal programmable I/O device family for IP-based control and automation applications.

In contrast to other Barionet devices that use the proprietary Barix ABCL programming language, the Barionet 1000 is the first to be programmable in Linux using the Open WRT framework, the company said. It is also the first Barionet device to integrate wireless support and a USB port for emerging control and automation connectivity needs.

The Barionet 1000’s positioning as a Linux Open WRT platform device addresses the latest industry trend for open source control. Barix claimed it provides systems integrators and OEMs with a clean slate to programme the device for almost any control or automation application desired. To maximise the Barionet 1000’s programmable features and operational flexibility, Barix equipped this device with wireless connectivity and a USB interface alongside standard Barionet features, including relay closures, and digital and analogue I/Os.

Reto Brader, vice president of sales and marketing at Barix, said: “The Barionet 1000’s Linux Open WRT platform allows customers with development power, or Barix working under their direction, to make this device do exactly what they need it to accomplish. The beauty of this device is that it has real computational power inside. You can develop the programme in Linux Open WRT and load it onto the Barionet 1000, and the device can make software-defined decisions on its own.”

Barionet 1000 is suited for a range of control and automation-based programmable functions. These include access and door control; contact closure monitoring, environmental monitoring, alarming, and logging; failover switching; motion detection and security camera control; photovoltaic power management; and temperature monitoring, logging, and HVAC control.

Stand number: 8-K255