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Exacting engineering at its best

Well-known German manufacturer and LANG partner exact planwerk Gmbh has reinvented itself to become EXACT solutions Gmbh, incorporating the talented team of SOLUTIONS4AV, which has provided the AV market with customised, outstanding products since 2009.

This combination of competencies opens a whole new range of perspectives, not only in the domain of customised mechanical solutions, but also in the area of displays, interactive, electronic and playout solutions. Besides, standard products can all now be tailor made for the customer’s needs.

The new positioned company will remain in the B2B sector and will continue to design and manufacture unique products for the professional AV market. The well-known and already established services of media architecture, concept development, accessories management, new product design and advanced product enhancement, is completed by the experience and know how of the former SOLUTIONS4AV team – driven by the approach of increased efficiency and technological development.

Based on decades of now joint experience and competence with technical AV products, the manufacturing process is based on much more than ‘on paper’ theory. Creating a truly functional and high-quality solution can only come about as a result of a deep knowledge of products, both mechanically as well as functionally.

And in spite of all the complex aspects that come together in creating, constructing and producing individual solutions for professional users in the AV industry, one aspect remains the most valuable one: safety. Quality control is essential and will remain the main focus. Final EXACT solutions products are just as versatile as the test methods they undergo. The goal is simple and straight: the customer will get the best solution, verified and certified.