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Ending the pain of meetings

Having made its worldwide debt only a couple of weeks ago, ISE sees the European unveiling of the Cisco Spark Board. Designed, the company says, to end the pain of miserable meetings, it is an all-in-one meeting room product and wireless presentation device. Ultrasound wireless pairing technology is said to mean that anyone can walk up to the board, and the board will recognise that participant: no Bluetooth, special WiFi, network connection or remote control is required.

It incorporates a number of interactive white board features built in to a 55in capacitive touch screen, designed to facilitate remote participation and sharing. All files are encrypted for security and saved to the cloud, enabling subsequent access from anywhere.

A 12-microphone array with VoiceTrack technology – which automatically amplifies and modulates speaker voices – and a 4K, wide angle (+/- 89º viewing angle) camera with dynamic framing enable videoconferencing and audioconferencing.

The Cisco Spark is delivered entirely from the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, and the company says that each activity has been designed to help ensure that the user’s and administrator’s experience is simple and intuitive. This, Cisco believes, makes the service easy to use and easy to manage. The service is provided on a simple subscription basis, allowing services to be added on demand.

Stand: 11-C120