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Customisable, scalable electronic shelf labelling from Opticon

Digital signage and electronic shelf label (ESL) solutions are on show at the Opticon stand. The Opticon ESL system is customisable and scalable and features centralised administration of all devices and content with 100% digital signage content flexibility. Beyond labour and cost savings, companies can use them to build customer loyalty and streamline store operations.

The Base Station ESL system, which can be used by small retailers and multi-store businesses, connects all e-paper labels to the same network and the same content management system. This in turn is connected to the back office system in the store, so the prices on the e-paper labels always match the prices on the screen.

Also present on the stand are ESLs in sizes 2in, 2.9in and 4.4in. These e-paper labels can be used when large fonts are needed in areas where product pricing needs to be more predominantly displayed.

The 5.8in and 10in e-paper labels are also on show. These can be deployed on the end of the aisle promotional areas or in locations where the label needs to be more viewable such as room signs, upper level shelves and bulk item storage or warehouse racks.

In addition, the entire range of Opticon’s barcode scanning solutions, including mobile and handheld solutions, companion scanners and engines, is available for live demonstrations.

Stand: 8-H215