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Electronic paper for digital signage from Innes

Olivier David, CTO and Sara Ben Lahbib, communications manager at Innes

Among a clutch of innovations at Innes is the SLATE106, an electronic paper for digital signage. The French firm presents its 6in electronic ink screen dedicated to digital signage, showcasing many new features including Android and iOS applications for inserting messages on an office door, an NFC badge reader and the ability to send data to a phone. The SMH300 Hub device connects SLATE106 displays to a corporate network and can receive a JavaScript application – for example, to connect to MSExchange for room booking, or to a corporate directory such as LDAP/AD for names and functions of employees displayed on an office door. It has three touch buttons and is just 8mm in thickness.

Also from Innes at ISE 2019, the DMB400 media player is described as one of the most powerful media players on the market. Beyond the quality of its graphics engine, it stands out – states the company – thanks to the ability to natively support PDF and PowerPoint files. It has an HDMI input and can play the streaming formats (RTSP, RTP/UDP, HTTP DASH MPEG). Support for Vesa MCCS and CEC allow easy monitoring and control of display screens.

Stand: 8-G272