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Easy booking of rooms and workspaces from CUE

More reserved: the touchONE system is targeted at hotdesking environments

If finding and booking a conference room in which to hold a meeting can be challenging, finding a workspace in a hotdesking environment can be even more so. At ISE, CUE will demonstrate its touchONE reservation system. A simple user interface displays desk identification and status, as well as buttons for reservation and other notifications. 

One interface is used for each workplace and can be installed as a standalone device connected to the PoE network. Workplace reservation is fully compatible with Office 365 and Exchange calendar servers in which every workplace has its own calendar. Reservation can be made by Outlook, by mobile application, using a QR code or an NFC card, or directly using a button on the workplace interface. The touchONE workplace reservation generates reservation statistics for more efficient workplace usage, claims the company. 

Also on show is CUE’s meeting room solution. The package consists of controller and 4.3in touchpanel, while a one-cable network connection and PoE power supply simplify hardware installation. The touchpanel can be installed on a table or wall, while the controller brings support for IP device control, bi-directional serial port, universal ports, low-voltage relays and a dedicated port for a room occupancy sensor.