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Barix Store&Play in-store radio programming at ISE 2015

The next-generation Barix Store&Play solution will be on show at ISE. It gives service providers a flexible application for retailers and other businesses that want dynamic in-store radio programming without using the amount of network resources that live streaming requires.

Store&Play allows customers to download music and advertising content off the network and to reliably play out that programming on schedule with excellent audio quality.

The new Store&Play is a complete hardware and software solution as opposed to a device-centric system, giving systems integrators a complete end-to-end package for installation across multiple locations, with strong control of playout schedules across local branches.

It also delivers accelerated download speeds, as well as improved system memory to preserve playback quality throughout demanding processing actions. Built-in precision clock timing ensures that playback schedules remain intact through network outages.

Stand: 8-M245, 8-M250