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DSR’s OISISS signage solution enters EU market

OISISS, a digital signage media solution by DSR that enables interactive communication between companies and customers, is entering the EU market.

The smart software delivers personalised, targeted information to large signage monitors, TV screens, tablets, mobile devices or to videowalls in a way that draws attention to it. Most kinds of external sensors such as cameras, NF/barcode readers, touchscreens and a lot more can be integrated into the OISISS management software.

Deployment can be either cloud-based or on-premise. Interactive surfaces are centrally controlled, but authorised personnel can modify the content locally as well.

The content editor system contains a user-friendly management interface that allows the operator to design the content of the messages and the appearance of the communication elements. Integrated functions such as RSS feeds, weather forecast, local news and other features are included in the software. The availability of up-to-date statistics can facilitate marketing work.

This software can be integrated into digital signage solutions used in shopping malls, super or hypermarkets, shops, restaurants, fast food restaurants, healthcare, financial and cultural institutions, entertainment and sport facilities, exhibitions, showrooms and lot more.

Stand: 8-D205