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Divine inspiration of new audio bridge

Vittoria is a new network audio bridge featuring two redundant Dante interfaces. It enables audio to be routed between two networks running asynchronously, or at different sample rates, while keeping those networks totally separate.

Originally developed as part of the technical installation within a large legislative debating chamber, it has a high level of security built in that creates a firewall between two Dante AoIP networks. It is a one-to-one connection, with the routing for each network fully isolated.

Vittoria has 32-channels of audio inputs and outputs on each network up to 96kHz (or 16 channels at 176.4 or 192 kHz), with fully redundant power supplies and word clock in and out. There are high quality sample rate converters between the networks, supporting sampling rates of between 44.1kHz and 192kHz on both interfaces. 

A key feature of the bridge unit is its ability to run at different clock rates on each network. For example, this would allow the output of a Dante sound network in a stadium operating at one clock rate to connect with an outside broadcast truck running on Dante at another rate, or working in the AES67 AoIP interoperability format.