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DisplayPort 1.2 extended for long-distance 4K

The new Opticis DPFX-700-TR can extend DisplayPort 1.2 signals up to 200m over a single LC multi-mode fibre (OM3). It supports DisplayPort 1.2 standards with 21.6Gbps of bandwidth for 4K UHD (4096×2160) at 60Hz quality over 200m in a high speed and full 4:4:4 colour space. It can also transmit uncompressed, transparent data signals even when it is used with up to 2m copper cable as an intermediary. 

The DPFX-700-TR can fully interoperate with the Opticis DPFX-300-TR as a pair. Depending on requirements, customers can choose which transmitter and receiver among DPFX-700-TR and DPFX-300-TR to use in the field, so that the direct connection type module (DPFX-300-TR) can be used on one side, and the copper extension type module (DPFX-700-TR) on the other. 

The DPFX-700-TR was designed as a slim, light and easy installation with perfect electrical isolation, but without electrical hazard and interference. Typical applications include medical imaging, military, digital signage, control room, simulator or rental staging.