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Discretion assured from Voice Technologies’ earhanger microphone

The VT901MKII is a new earhanger microphone weighing just 5g, that Voice Technologies claims offers “exceptional voice transmission and superb wearing comfort”.

It was nominated for the German Design Council’s German Design Award 2015. The mic uses a specialised miniature electret condenser omni-directional capsule, with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency range, to produce natural speech and vocals, with a sensitivity of 35dB ±3dB 1V/microbar (17.8mV/Pa), and a maximum input SPL of 125dB.

Following customer feedback on its predecessor, its cable now runs directly along the head of the user, so that the beige-coloured unit should be even less noticeable. It can be worn on either ear, and its soft “spiral ear fastener” gives user a perfect fit without the fear of it slipping off.

The cable is removable and can be easily exchanged to swap connectivity between different wireless systems, a feature that is particularly useful for rental houses. The spiral ear-wrap section can be exchanged as well. It costs €249 (+VAT).