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Discover the Next Generation of Immersive Entertainment with Alan Greenberg

Alan Greenberg, CEO and co-founder of Illuminarium, will give ISE 2022’s Day 2 Keynote, entitled Next Generation Immersive Entertainment at 18:00 on Wednesday 11 May on the AV Experience Zone Stage in Hall 5. 

He heads up a breakthrough global experiential entertainment company created by worldwide leaders in cinematic immersion, interactive content and theatrical design. With stunning venues opening around the world, Illuminarium uses transformative, state-of-the-art technologies to transport its audience through a sensory experience like no other, enabling visitors to see, hear, feel, smell, and even affect experiences they can only dream about. Alan will be exploring the technical challenges and the exciting future as he maps out the next generation of immersive entertainment.

He will be joined on stage by his colleague Brian Allen, executive vice president of technology and content; together they will reveal the thrills and technical triumphs that have made the Illuminarium experiences such memorable experiences. 

Four experiences, ranging from exhilarating natural wonders to enriching cultural moments, are currently underway: Wild, O’Keefe, Space and After Dark. At Illuminarium’s locations, the attraction is brought to life through an unprecedented blend of 4K laser projection, providing guests a connected and shared entertainment journey. Audio beams create a unique and precise sound experience for each individual. In-floor haptics produce realistic sensations, such as the ground shaking with an elephant’s stomp or leaving a footprint on the moon as you walk. The experience even has scent, adding authentic enhancement to the immersive experience. The cinematic immersion places guests into the middle of the narrative as it unfolds; achieved without wearable hardware of any kind.

To find out more, make sure you attend the Day 2 Keynote at 18:00 on Wednesday 11 May on the AV Experience Zone Stage in Hall 5.