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Aopen: Digital signage that’s state of the Art

“The demand for digital signage is coming from marketing and sales managers who are looking for ways to either interact with their customers or to increase sales,” – a customer that is increasingly tech savvy, according to Gabriëlle Offringa, marketing manager, Aopen Europe. “It gives integrators and technology companies like Aopen the possibility to take digital signage to a level where technology really is integrated with daily programmes and business,” she added.

An example of this is an innovative marketing campaign for digital out of home (DOOH) media presented by KPN in metro stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for the promotion of the Rijksmuseum. It used digital displays to show animated masterpieces, and reinforced its impact by connecting with its viewers via social media. It has proved successful in increasing the brand awareness of KPN being one of the main sponsors of the Rijksmuseum, and connected with a wide audience to offer them something unique.

Using digital signage also offers the possibility to analyse campaigns via video analytics to track the amount of viewers, which Offringa says is a great benefit for evaluating the campaign. This can also be
done via interaction on touchscreens, or by analysing the amount of selfies and shares via social media.

DOOH integrator CS Digital Media developed the Rijksmuseum concept for KPN, based on Aopen Digital Engine media players, which it chose for their stability, reliability, price and the small form-factor.