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Digital signage goes Flat out to please

The new Tecco FlatSign kiosk can house monitors of up to 65in in a depth of just 10cm; even double-sided displays are possible if ultra-slim monitors (<30mm) are used.

The kiosk isn’t just thin and lightweight, but it is also claimed to enable “a faster, more reliable, cheaper, intuitive and easier to support installation.”

“The new FlatSign has been designed with an eye on the end user. Our aim is to become a little more productive every day and transfer this efficiency to our customers, making their daily activity easier. Build your digital signage system in four steps, that’s the philosophy, as easy as it seems,” said Tecco marketing manager, Alberto Arranz.

Also new from the Spanish company is the iTecco interactive multitouch table, which is designed for multiple users and is claimed to be “incredibly durable to withstand a lot of ongoing activities.” There are several options and sizes to choose from, or alternatively Tecco can build customised tables.

The system will register up to 20 finger touches, to facilitate collaborative and multidisciplinary applications. Thanks to its waterproof surface it can be installed in every kind of environment, such as meeting rooms, shopping malls, museums or sports bars.