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Digital signage focus

Samsung is hghlighting the breadth of its digital signage capability.

“From large to small, indoor or outdoor, mirror or translucent, for applications from transportation to retail, interactive or passive – Samsung is a true innovator, and has become a one-stop shop for digital signage screens,” said the company’s Thijs
Van Riemsdijk.

The company is showcasing its OHD Series SMART Signage, designed for outdoor deployment and said to be resistant to harsh conditions; the screens can operate in temperatures between -30°C and 50°C. The company also says that the screens implement a higher standard of protection glass than the industry standard.

Samsung claims that the displays are the slimmest on the market, with a front-to-back measurement of 90.3mm.

The OHD Series features a second generation SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform), the company’s solution for integrated media playout.

The 46in screen delivers 3,000 nits of brightness, and has a contrast ratio of 5,000:1. Other features include IP56 ingress protection, reflection-cancelling protective glass, an auto-brightness sensor and polarised sunglass support. HDBaseT connectivity is provided, as are two HDMI ports, a stereo mini-jack and an RJ45 socket.

Stand: AM-100