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Die is cast for durable rental market displays

Up to speed: Yestech’s DS Series stage rental LED display unit

Yestech’s latest DS Series, with its die-cast aluminium cabinet, is designed for large rental applications. It is lightweight and durable, just 80mm thick, with two cabinet sizes (500x500mm and 500x1000mm). The pixel pitch of the indoor versions covers 1.9mm to 4.8mm, while outdoor models cover 2.9mm to 4.8mm.

Independent modular design allows for the universal replacement of different cabinet control boxes and modules, and units include protection against knocking, collision and falling for increased durability.

The units boast quick locking and cross-hanging design to support efficient and convenient mechanical installation, making it easy to achieve single-person operation. They are claimed to offer faster installation and disassembly, providing more convenience for large rental events. Magnetically mounted modules enable front and rear maintenance.

A patented high-precision curved lock design (optional) can support curved installation, and allow up and down splicing and dislocation between the different sizes of the cabinet.

Stand Number: 3K870