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Deltacast Flex gets more flex

After surprising ISE 2018 with the introduction of its Flex video interfacing solution, Deltacast is showing visitors to Hall 8 its latest incarnation, a four output 3G-SDI module.

Flex-3G 04 can simultaneously handle four 1080p60 playout channels. Combining four outputs together, the module is able to output a 2160p60 feed – in quadrants or 2SI – without any compromise, it is claimed.

Connecting eight of these modules to a Delta-GWY 316-8 gateway card, the solution reaches a massive density of 32 output channels, making it ideal for multichannel applications like playout servers, control rooms monitoring solutions, video walls and multi-projectors DLP installations, cloud edge devices, and other use cases.

Delatcast’s Flex concept is built to handle a large quantity of video inputs and outputs while appliance form factor and mechanical constraints continue to limit the amount of hosted interface cards.

The design allows SDI, DisplayPort and HDMI interface modules to be added, removed and switched on the go, while the appliance hosting the gateway card remains untouched.

Stand: 8-M365