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Near: Debut sub provides deep in-ground sound

The IGS10 outdoor subwoofer, with 10in woofer design and high durability, is making a debut in Hall 6.

The 36.8cm diameter by 42cm high IGS10 is intended for in-ground installation, but may be used free standing and can be easily camouflaged among planters and pots. In-ground installation affords the homeowner better sound performance, lower visibility and greater security.

The IGS10 employs ultra-low mass Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT) woofers for high sound quality and durability. The woofer is a Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) design, which the company says results in longer cone excursion for superior bass output and lower distortion. As an added benefit, the magnetic fluid serves to draw heat away from the voice coil for high-power durability.

The IGS10 also features Near’s UDIO (upside down/inside out) low-frequency driver technology. UDIO is an inverted cone diaphragm woofer driven by voice coils wound both inside and outside the former. With UDIO technology, Near says frequency linearity and sound quality are maintained even at punishingly loud volume levels.

It will not colour-fade even after years of direct sun exposure and is designed to meet or exceed the stringent Mil-Std-810 (Humidity, Salt Air, Heat, Cold, Immersion) and IEC IP X5 durability standards. This has the effect of making it totally weatherproof not just weather resistant, says the company, offering a combination of commercial-grade durability with high-end residential sonic performance.