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Debut of portable Roland mixer with four-channel HD video switching

The new V-1HD video switcher is making its European debut at ISE.

Roland’s portable mixer provides switching for up to four HDMI A/V sources including cameras, computers, tablets, smartphones. It also offers switching support for Blu-ray players, thanks to its HDCP copy protection support.

The output of the V-1HD can be switched between 720p (from 720p inputs), 1080i or 1080p. In either 1080i or 1080p output mode, the V-1HD can accept both 1080p and 1080i input signals simultaneously, allowing it to be used with a range of sources.

It has a 12-channel audio mixer for mixing stereo audio from HDMI and external sources and its dedicated microphone input. The mixer includes two HDMI program and preview outputs and a stereo audio output. A headphone output facilitates audio monitoring.

The V-1HD also offers an array of compositing effects, including picture-in-picture and keying, allowing for graphic insets plus titling and green screen capabilities.

It also featues: more than 30 advanced transition and filter effects; output fade, BPM Sync and Auto-Scan functions; A and B video busses each with controls for effects assignment and parameter control; an output that can be switched A/B or in PGM/PST mode where the B buss is used for signal preview, in multi view mode, or full-screen; and more.

Stand: 7-P210