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Datavideo’s flexible presentation assistant

A new connection assistant that is designed to be deployed in any meeting or presentation room is on show in Hall7. The DAC-75T is an up/down/cross converter that converts signal, resolution and standard, and embeds audio.

With meeting participants wishing to bring a wide variety of presentations, spreadsheets and other content for use with projectors and LCD screens, there is a common need to accommodate a multitude of resolutions, standards and signal connections.

The DAC-75T is a universal converter for HDMI, VGA and SDI connections. The technician only has to configure the side that is connected to the display or projector and the end-user does the rest. Once connected to the right cable he or she presses a single button on the touchscreen to get it up and running.

The DAC-75T converts to any resolution (up to 1,920×1,080), any standard (up to 60fps), and embeds analogue audio on two RCA connections.

Stand: 7-C193