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Attero Tech: Dante to USB bridge offers safe crossing for PC audio

The unDUSB Dante to USB bidirectional bridge is making its debut in Hall 7.

Attero Tech claims the unDUSB is the perfect way to integrate audio from a Windows PC or Mac into a Dante audio network. It provides two channels from Dante to USB, and two channels from USB to Dante.
Applications include audio and video conferencing using soft codecs like Skype or Microsoft

Lync, where the audio can be bridged to an existing Dante audio system in the room. In a similar fashion, previously recorded audio content can be played from a PC or a Mac and reproduced by the Dante audio system.

The unDUSB appears as a stereo sound card to the computer, and any application that can play to or record from a USB sound card can utilise the bridge. In this way, the company says, audio data will never see the analogue domain with the unDUSB, with audio remaining digital from input to output.

The company adds that the unDUSB is simple to set up, and requires no drivers on either a PC or a Mac.

The USB bridge is powered by either external 9V to 24V DC or any PoE network switch, so audio and power are delivered on one Cat5 cable.