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Cutting-edge wireless technology for outstanding audio

Solutions to help achieve effortless collaboration and learning for its corporate and educational customers; that’s what Sennheiser loves to do and what the company will be showcasing at ISE 2022 this week.

For higher education, Sennheiser’s MobileConnect, TeamConnect Ceiling (with TruVoicelift) and SpeechLine Digital Wireless enable users to deliver seamless lectures which are easily managed and fully accessible, even for those with hearing difficulties.

MobileConnect casts live audio direct to smartphones and integrates handsfree interpretation and noise reduction for assisted learning. 

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) with TruVoicelift provides high gain before feedback with natural speech intelligibility regardless of the room size and acoustic properties of the space. TCC2 makes meetings, presentations, and lectures natural and easy with touchless audio for multiple participants without the need for additional microphones.

Sennheiser’s TCC2 with TruVoicelift is also the perfect tool in corporate settings thanks to the unparalleled levels of control you have with exclusion zones and priority areas. 

Designed to make your life easier, just connect the free Sennheiser Control Cockpit software and you can manage all your Sennheiser network-enabled devices at a glance.

Sennheiser is also introducing Evolution Wireless Digital family of products; a microphone system which raises the bar with 134dB of dynamic range and a professional quality audio at the touch of a button, no matter what the size of your room.

As you’d expect from Sennheiser’s portfolio, everything is designed with users in mind. Easy configuration and management, outstanding versatility and a smooth integration with existing IT infrastructure comes as standard. 

And, if that’s not enough, Sennheiser is really excited to unveil a brand-new product that hasn’t yet been released to the public so make sure you drop by Sennheiser in Hall 3 (3C600) to discover more.