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Curved Arc gives command performance

The new INFiLED WP Arc 120° curved LED screen has been specially designed for mission control and command centre use.

The 16:9 display has a wide viewing angle and supports 2K, 4K and 8K resolution videos played full screen. Automatic grayscale and point-by-point correction ensure smooth colour and brightness transitions for an immersive visual experience, with multiple windows to allow users to check out the situation from different angles simultaneously.

It has a built-in two-in-one processor, granting different access privileges to various users to ensure data security. The WP Arc series also saves data automatically, to avoid data loss due to sudden power outage. Front service is available without moving or dismantling the frame to save time. With EMC Class B certification, the WP Arc series can work in environments with strict electromagnetic requirements.

The standard size of the WP Arc series is 4800x1350mm, but it can also be customised for specific needs.