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Crestron Pyng simplifies the smart home

The new Crestron Pyng is claimed to be “the home automation platform that changes the game.” It allows users to set up and control systems of any size from an iPad using proven Crestron products, integrating DigitalMedia, audio distribution, and other home automation products.

Setting up a new home is streamlined by pairing Crestron Pyng accessories with the app. These accessories include Crestron wireless lighting controls, thermostats, occupancy sensors, and keypads. The app can then be used to create lifestyle scenes for each room, schedule events, and much more without ever opening a laptop. Homeowners can then make changes to scenes and settings from the app with no risk of impairing system performance.

Once the initial set up is complete, homeowners can easily modify settings with the confidence that their integrator can restore to an automatic cloud backup if they wish to undo any adjustments. A compact hub connects accessories to the app, runs scenes and events even without the presence of an iPad, and continuously backs up all home settings to the cloud. Accessories can be controlled individually or combined as scenes to control a room, or the entire home.

Pyng systems integrate seamlessly with myCrestron cloud services, providing dealers with a powerful platform to drive recurring monthly revenue streams, optimise team resources, and strengthen customer relationships. The new MyCrestron Residential Monitoring Service enables central monitoring and management of Pyng systems, allowing dealers to identify and resolve potential issues faster and keep customers happier than before.

The cloud also allows integrators to monitor device status (such as online or offline), display logs of every load, device, and keypad button press, add new features or devices remotely, access, update, and support home systems from anywhere at any time, and order custom engraving for keypads. The free iOS app is available on the App Store.

Stand: 2-C24, 2-E24, 2-E36