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Creating something amazing out of nothing

From concept to execution and all things in between, Improve produces, directs, writes the content and designs the content; it provides the camera, stage crew, lighting and sound; and it even provides the PR, all in a single company.

Working for the fifth year for ISE, Improve has this year delivered the CEDIA Smart Building Solutions Theatre (sponsored by KNX) in Hall 9; the AVIXA Commercial Solutions Theatre and AVIXA

Unified Communications Solutions Theatre (both sponsored by Crestron) in Halls in Hall 8 and 11; and Monday’s TIDE Conference at the Okura Hotel, where the event used Improve-built screens to specifically flatter and reveal the presentation content, which was also created by Improve.

The company starts the design process with its consultants working with the client to identify what makes its product or service an idea worth sharing.

With experience of live events going back 25 years – beginning with projection and soon diversifying into lighting and then full show service – Improve says its philosophy has always been to ensurethe visitor is not only comfortable in their surroundings, but also fully engaged with the content of the show. A complete holistic approach to benefit the visitor and client utilising Improve’s unique technical capability.

Antoinette Wijffels, who serves as CEO and creative director at Improve, said: “In addition to designing, building, managing and operating the theatres and congresses, Improve prides
itself of being first in line with emerging technologies.

“ISE is a great place to see new ideas and innovations and we like to bring the most exciting options into service, maybe starting in small venues but soon expanding into larger theatres
and congresses.

3D virtual staging and technology is just one of the options that we have, and we are already looking at holographic ideas to work with in future. Creating something amazing out of nothing is what Improve does best.”