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Controlling, directing and reaching across a nationwide network

Smart cities technology and media company Intersection has selected Broadsign International to power advertising on Intersection’s network of digital displays across
the US. According to Broadsign, the initiative will improve advertisers’ ability to reach consumers with “targeted, seamless” campaigns.

Using the Broadsign Control content management system to deliver advertising and dynamic HTML5 content to its national network of digital displays, Intersection will be able to manage branded content on more than 3,500 Link kiosks, urban panels, interactive station platform displays and bus shelters from a unified platform.

These displays also feature tablets with maps, mobile device charging facilities as well as the digital advertising panels.

To more efficiently manage and sell advertising space, Intersection will also use the Broadsign Direct sales platform, allowing real-time availability and tracking of sales processes.

“With screens and kiosks connecting people in the busiest urban areas, smart cities are changing the way we live our lives,” said Maarten Dollevoet, senior vice president of global sales at Broadsign.
Broadsign Direct and Broadsign Reach are the company’s two new products which are being showcased at ISE.

The two platforms allow DOOH media publishers, brands and agencies to buy, sell and deliver DOOH campaigns reliably and securely.

The Broadsign marketing platform includes Broadsign Control for content distribution, playback and proof of performance; Broadsign Direct for sales inventory availability and proposal generation; and Broadsign Reach, which is a customised supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic DOOH transactions.