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Conference camera tracking simplified

The T-Cam Camera Tracking package is being demonstrated here at ISE 2017 by Televic. The package is a complete and out-of-the-box solution for conference camera tracking. Through a combination of hardware and software, it allows installers to easily equip a conference venue with camera tracking.

According to the company, T-Cam integrates effortlessly with all Televic Conference product families for maximum versatility.

The T-Cam package comes with two PTZ cameras, a video switcher, and software to be up and running in no time. Two cameras can be added to the setup to control up to four 3G-SDI cameras. The system allows straightforward installation, fast configuration, and integration of a camera tracking system with any Televic Conference system.

By combining hardware and software, the T-Cam solution makes it easy to use and control cameras. Installers can quickly set up cameras, create participant presets, and automatically switch the camera between participants based on the conference microphone activity. T-Cam can even add a participant’s name as an overlay on top of the image.

Furthermore, the T-Cam Camera Tracking Solution comes in three different packages, depending on the number of cameras required and the option for a name overlay.

With Full HD 1080p output at 60fps and 15x zoom, the T-Cam was made for the Plixus conference network architecture. It allows pristine video with a delay of less than a single frame to be available at the fingertips of every participant, which increases involvement and creates a richer environment to reach better decisions.

Stand: 3-A136