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Compact Decora speaker with big presence

The D Series-SP1A Decora-style loudspeaker is a compact wall-mountable unit with concealed strengths.

Radio Design Labs (RDL) says the 2W, 8-ohm loudspeaker in its Decora-compatible wall or chassis mount will deliver rich, detailed sound. The company adds that the neodymium driver in the unit creates audio clarity and frequency response expected from larger speakers.

The steel enclosure provides full baffling in a tightly sealed rigid structure. This produces sonic presence within an extended frequency range that is again more a signature of larger speakers. Internal filtering rolls off out-of-band frequencies to reduce distortion and increase peak power capability, while dispersion covers a spherical area of nearly 180° when the speaker is mounted in a wall.

The Decora format and all-metal design allow the D Series-SP1A to be installed into a wide variety of environments and applications, wherever a high-quality compact, wall- or surface-mounted speaker is required. Models are available with grilles in black, white, grey or steel.

The input is connected through a two-position detachable terminal block on the rear panel. The speaker operates with a continuous audio input up to 2W, making it suited to be driven by speech or music content from amplifiers with a maximum rated power of up to 10W.