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Combining digital signage and video analytics

BeingRetail solutions that include digital signage and video analytics, with the option to combine both, have been introduced here at ISE 2017.

The BeingRetail solutions harness the latest display technology to deliver eye-catching messages that effectively grab people’s attention, even in visually cluttered environments. It also offers video analytics to understand the effectiveness of the digital signage solution, or to be used as a standalone product to gain insight into who and how people interact with a retail environment, by providing audience profile and audience attention information.

Speaking to the ISE Daily, Norbert Krüger, Acer’s senior manager for business development, commercial channel, said: “You can combine both our Digital Signage and Video Analytics products, or you can buy them separately, depending on your needs. Our Video Analytics includes 11 different modules to enable you to find out anything from the gender of the person looking at your screen or products, to the age, the time they spent in front of the product, the mood they show, and customer traffic flow, and you can get this information in real time in just one click.

There are also modules for security, so you can get real time information on your mobile phone.”

Acer’s BeingRetail Digital Signage (DS) solution provides total control over content displayed in any environment. This allows instant adjustment based on audiences and, during flash sales, content can be customised to appeal to the real time audience.

The BeingRetail Video Analytics (VA) product utilises IP security cameras. With the video already captured, BeingRetail VA is able to deliver in-depth analysis of content performance. It enables tracking for everything from how many people enter a store down to detailed data customer profiling, such as gender and mood.

Combining the two solutions results in Acer’s BeingRetail DS and VA solution, with VA providing the analysis of the DS Solution by giving audience profile and audience attention analytics, all in one interoperable package.

Acer’s BeingRetail Solutions includes four Digital Signage models: DW460, DS370, DT653, DD550A. Either used alone or in a video wall setup, these displays create flexible communication and content that can be updated anytime, for any target.

Stand: 14-B105