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Colourful sound from a flexible friend

Three Bluetooth speaker lines from Belgium are adding some funky colour and design to ISE 2015.

The 4tunes1 is a foldable, resizable 2.5W speaker in red, yellow, green and blue. It offers up to three hours of lithium battery-powered wireless music within a 10m Bluetooth transmit zone, and can be charged via a USB cable.

Made of ABS plastic with silicone, the 120g speaker can be simply folded into a suitable shape and attached to a rucksack, bag or to bike handlebars with the clip supplied.

4tunes2 is a portable loudspeaker which not only includes Bluetooth, but also incorporates a FM radio with presets.

Driven by a 2x5W amplifier it has a frequency range of 65Hz to 20KHz and a Bluetooth transmitter range of 7 to 10m without obstacles.

Thanks to a handy control panel users can regulate the volume and answer calls with little effort, while the Lithium-ion battery lasts for four to six hours on a charge. Available in red, white or black ABS plastic, the 87mm by 200mm by 80mm speaker weighs 0.64kg and is finished with a deluxe rubber trim.

The 4tunes3 is a portable 2.1 workhorse system. It incorporates both a Bluetooth and a NFC function for quick connection to smartphones. It has similar specifications to the 4tunes2, but with the addition of an inbuilt subwoofer to ensure a warm but powerful sound as well as a convenient carrying handle.

The inbuilt battery gives up to eight hours listening, but the 1.42kg unit also comes supplied with a power adapter and audio cable.