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CM Series speakers updated

Since the introduction of its CM series in the early 1990s, Apart Audio says that the range has grown to be one of the company’s bedrocks and a standard installer’s choice in the fixed install market.

The series has now been updated with additional features, such as a new Apart Quick Fix low impedance connector (70 – 100V) which is sturdily mounted to the speaker chassis and which the company describes as a handy installer connector via push terminal, with in and out loudspeaker cable connection for up to 2.5mm. According to Apart Audio, this makes the series extremely cost-efficient due to a faster installation time, and the fact that there is no more need for junction boxes.

The CM Series also now features a new grille with a removable integrated Apart logo. This can be removed if required, without inflicting damage to the speaker grille; removing the logo makes the loudspeaker look identical to the old CM series, which could be of benefit if an existing installation is being extended.

Stand: 1-M124