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CLEDIS makes first appearance

Making its first ISE appearance is CLEDIS display technology from Sony. Described as a large-scale canvas solution, it is based on Sony’s self-emitting display capabilities, but with ultrafine LEDs as the light source.

CLEDIS is designed for a range of commercial applications where intricately detailed video displays and realistic simulation are required on a large scale. Applications range from industrial product design and manufacturing for automotive, through to displays in theme parks, museums, high-traffic lobbies and showrooms, as well as boardrooms and broadcast studios.

CLEDIS (Crystal LED Integrated Structure) features a borderless design that allows multiple tiles – each measuring 403mm × 453mm – to be seamlessly aligned. For example, a large display measuring 9.7m across and 2.7m high (8K×2K) can be constructed by combining 144 standalone display units. The display units have no borders, so can be combined to create immersive, large screen visuals that are completely seamless and appear visually to be made from one single panel.

It uses red, green, and blue (R, G and B) ultrafine LEDs mounted on the display surface, with each pixel emitting light independently. Each pixel comprises one separate R, G and B ultrafine LED, with the light source only 0.003sqmm in size. The remaining surface area is more than 99% black.

The technology’s isotropic luminescence gives it a viewing angle of almost 180º. Brightness is 1,000 nits.
Stand: 1-N20