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Chief reduces videowall alignment times

Chief will attend this year's ISE show armed with two completely new mounting systems created in response to the most common issues installers face when mounting videowalls: maximising speed and alignment, and gaining simple access and release.

Chief is bringing its two new videowall solutions to ISE 2014. The first will aim to show attendees how installation times can be cut while still meeting tough alignment challenges, and the second intends to remove issues relating to damaging screen stress

Chief talked to dozens of installers, dealers and display manufacturers throughout the design process for both solutions to help inform the direction and come up with the most common video wall problems to solve. Speed and alignment were said to be the biggest concerns installers faced, as were access and release.

The first new videowall mount removes the need to use templates for spacing, resulting in a much faster installation, according to the company. Levelling is also said to be much simpler.

The other new product, meanwhile, doesn’t require screen pushing to access displays. Instead, it incorporates a quick release feature for any display in the wall, reducing the frequency and aggressiveness of screen pushing, which can cause damage, particularly to thin bezel displays. Macro and micro adjustments allow installers to carefully place screens close to each other without accidental bumps, which can also damage displays. Engineers also solved problems with aggressive screen pushing, unintentional pop-outs, uneven walls, and recessed applications.

Visitors will have to stop by the company’s stand 2-C42 to see the new products.

Stand: 2-C42