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Ceiling microphones hang on every word

Ceiling microphones have the advantage over desk-mounted models of not picking up noise from people moving laptops or other objects. Clockaudio has introduced two new models: the CCRM-4000 Ceiling Retractable Microphone and the C 303 Ceiling Microphone Array.

The CCRM-4000 not only leaves the table uncluttered, as cables are hidden in the ceiling, but as the height can be individually positioned according to the speaker it can capture greater signal with less ambient noise. At the end of the conference the microphones retract back into the ceiling, leaving the conference room unspoiled by table-mounted microphones.

It can be activated by IR remote control or DSP, and control ports allow DSP connection and daisy chain expansion to other units.

The C 303 is designed principally for boardrooms and meeting spaces to eliminate the need for multiple microphone setups, and is claimed to deliver “exceptional audio quality with minimal visibility”. It has three high-quality wide-range microphone capsules mounted together in a single unit, to provide unidirectional sound while maintaining 360º coverage. A ceiling fixing plate is included, and maximum cable length is 2.5m.