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CEDIA releases new white papers

CEDIA has recently released three new white papers, An Integrators Guide to HDR Video, Quality of Light in the Home, and The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution.

An Integrator’s Guide to HDR Video explores the fundamentals of HDR video and how it relates to human vision, and underlines HDR standards, formats and connectivity to ensure compatible system design and integration.

“We have seen incredible advances in HDR over the years to the point that it is an executable display option in home environments, but not without some guidance. This white paper is intended to provide a baseline knowledge of HDR to assist with the specification and deployment of the consumer HDR video systems,” said Walt Zerbe, CEDIA senior director of technology & standards.

Quality of Light in the Home includes a deep dive into the effects of indoor lighting and colour temperature and their considerations for designers and installers.

“Human-centric lighting is an area that we are seeing rapid progress from a technology standpoint,” said Walt. “This white paper provides a great baseline for integrators to get familiar with the topic and to be able to talk to their clients about it.”

Quality of Light in the Home covers topics including the benefits and challenges of human-centric lighting technology, consumers’ personal control, wellness considerations for the end users, and installation implications. The new white paper continues the global association’s strategic focus on distilling complex and ever-changing technologies into more digestible formats for home technology professionals.

CEDIA volunteer Sam Woodward, a subject matter expert on lighting who serves as customer education leader for Lutron in London, previewed the new paper in a recent CEDIA Tech Council Podcast.

“As we’re now spending so much time indoors, we need to think about the way of making that environment as conducive to productivity, well-being, and good health as possible,” Woodward said in the episode titled All About Lighting. “So, human-centric lighting is all about people.”

The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution is designed to help guide CEDIA members through the selection, presentation, and consumer description processes for video display and presentation.

“With display technologies changing so rapidly, it was a great time to dive into this subject,” said Walt. “As home technology professionals, we assume we intimately understand everything about resolution, but The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution brings some interesting facts and discussion points you may not have considered or previously understood.”

All of these new white papers are available for CEDIA members to download at no cost in the resource library and on the CEDIA Online Community. White papers can be purchased by non-members for $99 at

A key directive of CEDIA’s current strategy is creating standards, developing best practices, and defining guidelines to elevate professionalism and drive member and industry success. With this in mind, CEDIA is evaluating more than thirty other topics, with a goal of publishing 6 further white papers in 2019.