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CEDIA deep dives into the importance of bass

Room gain. Room modes. Infra bass. Active acoustics. As a technician or cinema designer, these are terms that you may be familiar with. But do you understand the true importance of them and have the engineering knowledge of how to consider and design for them in your projects?  

At ISE 2023, CEDIA will be offering a series of courses focussed on the management, design, and implementation of bass in private entertainment spaces. This collection of seminars – running between Tuesday 31 January and Thursday 2 February at the CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference in CC1 – will see industry experts take a deep dive into the importance of bass for delivering a true immersive experience and share best engineering design practices to deliver maximum bass performance in your projects. 

The seminars will discuss theory, engineering, and implementation and offer key takeaways for integrators to consider on their next projects. 

These courses build upon one another and can be booked as a series or taken individually.

Subwoofer Room Gain – The Science and Engineering of Using it to Your Benefit

31 January 16:30 – 18:30

Room gain is significant in small rooms at bass frequencies and is critical to understand for specifying and positioning subwoofers into projects. This course will discuss the theory behind room gain, its use in specifying the correct size(s) and quantity of subwoofers, and then explain how to calculate it for use in engineering designs.

The Double Bass Array – Next Generation Bass

1 February 12:30 – 14:00

Every room we design has bass response dominated by the modal response of the room. This course will explain room modes and discuss different ways of mitigating them in your projects to deliver great bass to all seating positions. The course will then look at the science and engineering behind the double bass array (DBA) and discuss how these may be implemented in projects.

Design and Implementation of Infra Bass in Private Entertainment Spaces 

1 February 16:30 – 18:30

Infra bass is defined as frequencies below 20Hz down to single digit Hz numbers. This course will introduce participants to the importance of considering infra bass as critical to delivering truly immersive experiences, then go on to explain both how to design and implement effective infra bass systems. We will also discuss real world subwoofer specifications, how to read them, and how to ensure that the system is truly able to deliver tactile infra bass.

Room Acoustics for Better Bass 

2 February 12:30 – 14:00

Designing room acoustics that allow systems to deliver excellent bass across multiple seating locations, whilst not over-absorbing high and midrange frequencies, is probably the most difficult thing to achieve in small room acoustics. This panel discussion will look at what works, and what doesn’t whilst also considering how active acoustics will change how we implement acoustics into our projects. Audience participation will be encouraged to share stories and best practice.

CEDIA Conference Pass

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