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Caymon has the answer to connection box installs

Installed a table-top connection box recently? Annoying, isn’t it? Unless you’re an octopus you’re probably fed up with fiddling with screws on the bottom of the table while you try to tighten them from the top.

Belgian stand and rack manufacturer Caymon thinks it has the answer. The new Casy table connection box is fitted with a patented BlindSnap system that allows both placement and fixing of the mount from the top. This blind fixing system can be easily adjusted to any type of table thickness and stays in place without the use of screws in the table, says Caymon. This way the box can even be used on glass or thin metal tops.

The table box comes in four and eight space models, allowing the implementation of a custom configuration by using the solderless audio, video and power modules of Casy. The rotatable lid can be opened to an angle of 45° to reveal the connections. With the lid fully closed, cables can stay connected thanks to the use of an entry brush.

Stand: 7-M190