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Jupiter Systems: Canvas updates for mobile power and efficiency

Canvas 2.2, the latest version of Jupiter Systems’ collaborative visualisation suite, is designed to be both more powerful and more economical to run on smartphones, tablets, PCs and videowalls.

It promises to more efficiently deliver shared video, data, and other information to control centres and remote teams, with new features designed to improve performance and enhance enterprise-wide collaboration.

These include: the new, faster Canvas Media Server, providing more capacity for mobile clients; dynamic allocation of mobile clients to transcoders, eliminating the need for 1:1 allocation and wasted capacity; transcoder sharing; direct DVI input for local display; the ability to incorporate web pages as sources in a canvas; and tagging, sorting and searching sources from PC and mobile clients.

There is also an enhanced Canvas Mobile Client offering: encryption of mobile sources; mobile video preview; mobile invitations (PC users can send invitations to share a canvas and collaborate to other PC and mobile users); and multiple mobile device support for each user.