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Cables respond to new rules

With the new requirements for permanent public installations concerning fire and flammability resistance, Procab says that it has seen huge growth in market demand for cables with specific requirements in terms of smoke and halogen emissions and retardant properties when exposed to flames. The company has responded with the launch of the Contractor Series.

The series offers cables compliant with IEC 60032 standards and includes a wide variety of specifications, offering solutions for almost any audio, video or data interconnection, Procab believes. Examples include loudspeaker cables in different cross-sections from 18 AWG to 11 AWG; microphone cables with a range of specifications in terms of gauge and shielding; high-definition HDMI video cables; RG59 and RG6 coaxial cables; and a variety of Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 networking cables in different configurations.

The conductors are protected by a solid and smooth NHFR (non-halogen flame retarded) outer jacket which Procab claims offers an optimal installation experience when pulling through tubes or fixing in ducts. Conductors use tinned copper oxygen-free strands (if applicable to cable specification) which are said to offer superior anti-corrosive properties and longevity.
The Contractor Series is designed, says Procab, to offer a great installer experience with reliable signal transmission and allow installation in the shortest possible time.