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C-Mark Audio to launch robust active speaker range

The new active speaker range from C-Mark Audio offers a variety of handy features such as remote operation, monitoring of key measurements, and integrated DSP and Class D amplification.

On show at this year’s ISE will be the new US series Networkable Active Loudspeaker from C-Mark Audio, which integrates network transmission, remote control and monitoring, digital signal processing, and Class D amplifiers to drive high and low frequencies separately.

Users can remotely switch on/off, monitor loudspeaker temperature/driver voltage/current, set up the DSP and remotely receive network audio signal on a PC, using a CAT5 cable and RJ45 connector to transmit, control and monitor the audio signal.

The speakers offer complete protection (short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over and under voltage protection, DC protection, power limit, temperature limit, long time output power limit, clipping limit), and have a high efficiency, safe output dynamic compress function and temperature protect circuit.

The coaxial driver uses a one-magnet-dual-loop technology, with the tweeter and bass diaphragm sounding in the same axis, so that treble and bass sound synchronously, with no time difference, giving an even sound field distribution. Both the horizontal and vertical dispersion angle are 120°.

There are three models. The 10in has a 1.35in tweeter, while the 12in and 15in units both have 1.75in tweeters. They have, respectively, 50W, 80W and 100W RMS HF output power, and 150W, 220W and 300W RMS LF output power.

Stand: 12-E80