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Built-in digital signage

The new BrightSign HS123 built-in HD module is intended for integration into OEM commercial products. The module makes it easy for manufacturers to embed the company’s digital signage technology directly into their displays.

It resides on a single board that measures 70mm x 100mm and is based on BrightSign’s media platform, which includes a hardware-accelerated HTML5 rendering engine that supports Full HD (1080p60) video. The first two companies to integrate the module are AVNU Digital and Industrial Image, both showcasing their new displays in sizes ranging from 10in to 32in.

“We built this module, which is part of the HD3 Series, because it allows a lot of second tier manufacturers to get their hands on a built-in media player at a much lower cost point, to integrate it and sell it on,” said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. “This is the first time we have provided in-built players and we think it’s a nice way to turn dumb screens into smart screens.”

The signage player manufacturer also recently announced the integration between all BrightSign Series 3 and 2 players and the ONELAN CMS 3.0. “Our strategyis ‘purple boxes everywhere’ and therefore, partnerships with software companies,” continued Hastings.

“Our hardware is not vertically focused, but our software is.” BrightSign’s first player to support the Intel Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) is also on show in Amsterdam.

Stand: 8-K240