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Build your own audio system with Audac’s modular XMP44

The XMP44 modular audio player has been launched and is shipping at the show.

Audac says the system offers a fully flexible structure, extensible through four proprietary SourceCon slots. As well as the XMP44 modular audio player, Audac is also launching an extensive range of single unit audio players.

Each SourceCon slot allows a selection of modules to be added, with the choice on offer including internet audio players, FM tuners, DAB/DAB+ tuners, contact and time-triggered voice file interfaces, as well as USB media players/recorders.

The user interface and controls are courtesy of a 2.8in TFT display and push rotary dial on the front of the unit.

Audac says that in combination with four tactile push-buttons, even inexperienced users can easily make adjustments and add custom configurations.

A USB interface for each module – there are four in total – allows playback or storage of media and voice files, while previews for each output are possible through a built-in speaker. The XMP44 can be controlled via both RS-232 and TCP/IP, allowing integration with home and industrial automation systems. A freely available app and web interface allows control and configuration from any portable device, from any location and at any time.

Stand: 7-M176