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Broadcast control, crossover and scan boards

The Broad broadcast control system, Mdea crossover system and Micro scan board are on show at the YDEA Tech stand.

Broad, suitable for small pixel LED displays and for use in high-end rental, offers bandwidth of 2.5 x 2Gb per second and a resolution of 2K x 1K. It supports a load of 256 x 256 as well as high-precision luminance and colour correction. It contains professional video ports, cable shielding and anti-jamming technology, and supports long transmission distance and signal stability.

The Mdea crossover system permits synchronous and asynchronous integration for LED advertising, glass, door and dot displays. Mdea sports a 7in LCD screen and comes with a network interface (RJ45), WiFi, external 3G network card. It can release real-time information and synchronous play video through the network. Its built-in media player functions mean it can be used as a PC host to enable standalone play.

Finally, the company is also showing Micro, which it calls the “world’s smallest scan board”, and is suitable for LED bar, rolling, glass and creative displays.