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Bringing value to installers

Five new products have joined Martin Audio’s ADORN loudspeaker series at ISE 2020, highlighting its rapid expansion in the installed audio market.

The ADORN range of on-wall loudspeakers was launched in 2019 and has now been bolstered by an additional five products – three in-ceiling loudspeakers and Martin Audio’s first pendant speaker, available in white or black.

Dom Harter, managing director at Martin Audio, commented: “This time last year we launched ADORN, which was beginning to take Martin Audio into the commercial installation audio space. What we’ve done this year is added to our ceiling speaker line-up, but we’ve done it within the ADORN series.”

All of the new ceiling models feature a nominal impedance of 16 Ohms, meaning that four or more speakers can be driven in parallel by one amplifier channel. Furthermore, the new ceiling additions come fitted with an internal 70V/100V multi-tap line transformer with a switch to select the output level. For full-bandwidth protection, the low and high frequency sections are individually protected against overload in all models.

Elaborating on Martin Audio’s growing presence in the install sector, Harter added: “The truth is, more than half of our sales are into the installation space, but you would normally associate Martin Audio with theatres, nightclubs, etc. We feel that anywhere we can take our sonic signature to and add value is somewhere we want to be. We believe we’re bringing value to installers and integrators.”