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Bringing permanent projection mapping indoors

A smart platform for indoor permanent projection mapping, called Lumibox, is making its debut at ISE 2017. Czech Republic-based projection mapping company Lumitrix aims to make projection mapping easy and accessible to all, so the projections become part of everyday life.

The company’s existing Lumitrix T2 automatic outdoor projector inspired the new Lumibox, which offers the same functionality but is aimed at indoor entertainment. Lumitrix T2 is an IP43-protected projector with built-in media server and spatial camera that aims to simplify the workflow and make permanent mapping possible. Once the projector is fixed somewhere in the city, objects in front of it can be wirelessly scanned, then content can be produced and sent back to the projector.

The Lumibox platform for indoor permanent projection mapping offers a similar functionality, but is not as weather proof and comes with an optional spatial camera. It can however be connected to more types of projectors and is aimed at installations in museums, galleries, meeting rooms, bars or even living rooms.

Stand: 8-E318