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Bringing LiveCore to the Crestron environment

The AW VideoCompositor is a centralised and simple graphic control interface for a presentation venue and content that is designed to fully control Analog Way’s LiveCore series in a Crestron environment and offer greater flexibility for fixed installations.

Developed in co-operation with Technidream, an official Crestron Services Provider, it allows non-technical users to see the display and manage the presentation content directly on Crestron touchpanel control systems. This allows for anyone to produce fluid and memorable presentations.

It includes two modules: a Crestron driver for controlling the advanced features of the LiveCore systems; and a high-end Crestron SmartGraphics module. These allow visualisation in real-time of the whole scene with layerpositions, display of source snapshots refreshed automatically, PiP source management through drag and drop, and the ability to change position and size of a layer through a tap or flick of a finger.

It will allow system integrators to provide seamless control of the video, audio, lighting, blends, HVAC etc, of any corporate venue on a single Crestron touchpanel control system.

Analog Way’s LiveCore series can now handle 4K and Ultra HD resolutions, with the addition of new optional 4K I/O connectors for its premium seamless switchers. Three HDMI 4K inputs and two HDMI 4K outputs (with DVI connectors) are available on the SmartMatriX Ultra, Ascender 16, Ascender 32 and Ascender 48. The NeXtage 16 4K option comes with two HDMI 4K inputs and one HDMI 4K output.

To ensure optimum efficiency, they can seamlessly switch a 4K native background or 4K scaled layers, and when one output is disabled, its layers can be added to another output, resulting in up to 12 true seamless 2K layers on one 4K output, or six true seamless 4K layers on one 4K output.