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Bridging the quality gap with new app

TuneBridge, an exclusive feature available for the whole-home Mirage Audio System, offers extensive music control from iOS and Android devices.
TuneBridge, referred to as ‘Google of music’ by Autonomic is part of the free Mirage Media Controller app. It affords audiophiles the capability to enjoy their personal music collection combined with content from all major online music streaming services.

Using the TuneBridge function on an iOS or Android device listeners can quickly and easily search for any song, artist or album. They are able to create custom playlists with personal content as well as from queue-based streaming services such as Rhapsody and Spotify. They can also create Pandora stations on the fly based on similar artists or music styles, all without disrupting their current listening enjoyment.

Michael de Nigris, co-founder and CEO of Autonomic, said: “When compared with off-the-shelf audio solutions, housed in cheap plastic boxes and capable of only 16-bit/44.1kHz output quality, the Mirage Audio System provides a durable, high-quality metal-based stereo component that delivers true 24-bit/192kHz fidelity.

What the competition offers is a bit like a window AC unit when what you really want is central AC, optimised for your home and lifestyle. ”The Mirage Audio System is compatible with all major home automation control systems and existing speakers and incorporates and unifies Apple’s AirPlay functionality.