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Green-Go to launch network bridge interface and iOS app at ISE

A network bridge interface and iOS app for a digital intercom over Ethernet system will be launched at ISE 2015.

Designed by ELC Lighting, Green-Go’s communications system plugs into an existing PoE network requiring just a connection of the outstations.

Once set up, all group data is stored locally so there is no need for any central matrix or processor. A base station is available from Green-Go, but this is not mandatory. The company said this was unlike most intercoms, which rely on separate networks of discrete wiring or dedicated data networks and proprietary protocols.

The launch of the Network Bridge Interface and app will allow a user to link two Green-Go networks from different locations via the internet. It can also be used to connect a laptop remotely in order to log into the intercom network from anywhere.

Silvio Cibien, Green-Go sales manager, said: “This interface will allow any Green-Go user to link their system via WiFi to our new app. The app, which is free to download from the Apple Store, will make the full capacity of beltpacks or table stations, with 32 full duplex channels, 250 groups and 3,000 users, available from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.”

Cabin said the app was also being developed for Android devices. He continued: “The app will allow the user to configure the layout of their screen, for example giving direct access to one to four channels, and link their iPhone or other Apple device wirelessly to the wired Green-Go network. This gives the user 32 channels in their hands with every function identical to the wired beltpack. One Green-Go bridge interface connected to a wireless access point will enable connection for two iPhone users.”

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