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Bose brings better sound in more spaces

Bose Professional Installed Sound Expansion delivers what system designer, installer, and end users want

As part of its Installed Sound Expansion, Bose Professional has increased its range of products so that system designers and installers can deliver Bose sound in more spaces than ever. This means more loudspeakers, amplifiers, and processors to choose from. Increased flexibility means consultants and integrators can create tailored sound systems that fit a greater variety of spaces.

New product families have been added into the mix, so that users can choose from established product lines –  such as FreeSpace loudspeakers, Panaray loudspeakers, EdgeMax loudspeakers, PowerShare and PowerMatch amplifiers, and ControlSpace processors – and newer innovations, including DesignMax and ArenaMatch loudspeakers, CSP Processors, and PowerSpace amplifiers.

Because the Installed Sound Expansion has one goal: providing consultants and integrators with the components they need to deliver complete systems – from simple, repeatable background music systems to more complex, networked, and distributed solutions. 

The company’s expanded range of installed products means specification without compromise for a broad set of applications. Interoperability between Bose Professional product lines – along with dedicated support from its global field engineering team – means the entire process is streamlined, from designing the system and ordering components to installation and operation.

The expanded range of Bose Professional installed products are made to work together seamlessly – and integrate easily with other systems. Fast installations mean less downtime for clients and less time on the job. Innovative engineering and rigorous testing mean greater reliability and fewer support calls. And premium aesthetics and performance leads to a growing portfolio of happy customers.