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Bosch Security Systems open for interpretation

The Dicentis Conference System from Bosch Security Systems has been expanded with the Dicentis Interpreter Desk, which is being showcased in Hall 3 at ISE2019.

The desk was developed by observing and interviewing expert interpreters and technicians across the world in order to discover their key needs. These included more languages, more installation and configuration flexibility in interpreting systems, and the best possible user experience.

The desk’s ergonomic controls are designed to facilitate operation without looking at it, thus allowing interpreters to better observe the non-verbal communication of the speakers to help to ensure the best possible interpretation. The Dicentis interpreter desk was also tested and optimised for visually impaired interpreters.

The desk separates the incoming and outgoing languages in two vertically aligned columns supported by a high-contrast screen for quick comprehension and intuitive operation. Three assignable buttons provide the interpreter with short-key functions for quick access to supporting functions such as ‘video select’. The HDMI output enables an external video screen to be added, so the interpreter can see the participant speaking or the participant’s presentation.

The Dicentis Conference System is an IP-based conference solution that supports up to 100 interpreted languages and uses internationally recognised encryption standards for all audio and data. It offers protection against eavesdropping, unauthorised access and data tampering. High-quality, real-time audio and control is ensured by Omneo IP technology, which also allows for easy system integration with third-party solutions. Omneo also enables the use of existing network infrastructure.

Stand: 3-B100 + 3-B90